Thursday, February 22, 2007

The other woman

So to speak, I was going to say bitch because that is what she is! Now look at her, then look at my pretty face, Dudley nose, pink lips, pretty white coat with strategically placed spots, who could resist that! Well I might have to have a little talk to my boyfriend!


Yvonne said...

Oh Girlie, you'd better step back! Daisy might look all sweet but mess with her boyfriend and you might make her bare her shiny teeth! You may embarrass yourself by tinkling in fear ... you don't want that. Now, move along.

Dozer said...

Dozer says: Well, I think you're much prettier than that black-and-white dog. You know, we could almost be twins! I'm white and pink with tiny spots too. BUT let me be clear - I'm pink in a manly sort of way. Okay, so my Mom calls me a "cutie patootie," but I swear I'm really a very tough, masculine dog. Grr! See? Manly. Oh no, is Mom getting out that sucky cleaning machine?? Eeek!! Er, I mean, I gotta go... gotta do some manly things. Later!

Rattie said...

And the smile!! Wow!