Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good Food!

Ever since all the pet food recall problems mom has been busy cooking in the kitchen. We still get our crunchy food but now instead of the mushy stuff that comes out of a can, we get stuff that is cooked on the stove and smells delicous! It is usually either chicken or burger with some rice and carrots, which mom mixes into the crunchy food. I would personally like just the cooked food, but im just a dog.

Anyway becuase of the recall we are trying (us we dogs and cats too) to pass a Pet Food Safety Act. If you could click the link and support the Human and Pet Food Safety Act (H.R. 2108)we would think your cool!!


Anonymous said...

Hey, my mom makes mine at home too! She says it is very expensive that way, but she knows how much I love it and I feel better since she started doing it!

Rattie said...

Chicken?! Gee, our mum doesn't cook chicken! All we get are these lab blocks, veggies, and fruits.

The Rattie Crew