Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Miss Moosey

I have never been lost before, at least that I can remember. Mom always makes sure that the gate is locked, and only once did I go out the front door without permission. Mom made me come back right away!

Today I read a story about a man who was lost, and his dog Miss Moosey, found him! I hope that if I ever get lost my mom can find me. I know that I would find her if she was lost because she smells nice, usually. I would be able to smell her.

I think today Miss Moosey is my hero. I you can read, like I can you can read the whole story here and See a video of Miss Moosey!

...Rescue teams had been searching for Schultz since Monday but were unable to locate him until his dog, Miss Moosey, emerged from the woods Tuesday afternoon. Nancy Lyon, a member of New England K-9 Search and Rescue, gained Miss Moosey's trust by sitting and offering food.

Lyon was able to put a leash on the dog, who started leading searchers back into the woods. Miss Moosey led them to a spot on the trail, and a K-9 with the Fish and Game Department was able to pick up Schultz's scent from there. He was about 830 feet off the trail.

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Rattie said...

I love happy endings especially when a dog is the hero.