Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dog begins Blog

Yes, I am a Pit Bull. Sometimes we have a "bad rap", however I am here to help change that and to talk about me. Yes, me, and perhaps my human and k-9 room mates, who are not pit bulls. They are terriers, or as I like to call them, terrorists.

I came to live with my human almost a year ago. She brought me home from Paw'd Squad Rescue, who found me on the streets of South Central Los Angeles (not a nice place). My human had recently lost her puppy, um I mean daughter named Nat, and before she died she had wanted to adopt a pink pit bull puppy and name it Daisy. My human decided to do so, fortunately for me, even though it was a sad time in her life. So here I am. And not only am I a lovely shade of pink, but I have the outstanding trait of a "Dudley Nose".

Yesterday was this puppy's, um I mean Nat's, birthday, she would have been 22 years old! My human celebrated by going out to eat raw fish, sushi it is called, she took the rest of the litter with her, um I mean siblings. I think it made her feel better, as they all came back feeling very happy. The terrorists think it might have been something called Saki that helps with the mood. Since they, the terrorists, have been around quite a bit longer than I have, I sometimes have to defer to their wealth of knowledge , even though I hate doing it. Pit Bulls are proud, but not stupid and I have alot to learn.


Rattie said...

The province of Ontario has banned the breed pit bull and in the province of Alberta pet rats are banned! Geesh, our human servant is right, people are silly creatures.

-The Rat Crew

George d sumorat said...

wut a wunnerful fing dat yu were dayr fr yr hyumin during sutch a sad time. i cant imajin a sadder find den luuzen a pup. hyminz doan deel wif diss stuf at ol well. yu gotta stand by her, come wut maye! guud on ya, pinkdawg!

George d sumorat