Thursday, January 18, 2007

Dogs Not Allowed in Alta Utah

My human is selling her house. Not because she wants to, she is going through a divorce. Which means we will all be moving to a new home soon. I sure hope that she doesn't decide to move to Alta, Utah. She is a big skier and lived in Tahoe City for 10 years. But if she moves to Alta she will not be able to have any dogs!!!! Can you believe this? You should definitely read about this dog limit, those poor humans. Who could survive without a K-9 friend or two to snuggle up with especially on a cold night in Utah!

Last night we all watched American Idol on the TV. The terrorists slept though the whole thing, however I quite liked some of the crooning and yelping that came out of the TV box. I think they should allow dogs into the competition, there would be quite a few of us with the gold ticket going to Hollywood. Especially after hearing some of those human voices. They were not meant to sing, dogs however have a wonderful range and our voices can be so endearing. The only drawback is articulating the words properly. *sigh* (do dogs sigh?)


Rattie said...

Daisy, our human servant (aka mom)tells us that some people are very stupid therefore make stupid laws (Alta, Utah limiting dogs).

~The Rat Crew

Anonymous said...

wel, guud hevvnz, dats about d dummist fing eyev evvr herd. how can a town survyv wiffout a vast numbr uv dogz? mama anjee wuud dye wiffout a vast numbr uv dogz an catss. we ar defnitly not muuvin tu dat dum town!

George d sumorat