Thursday, January 18, 2007

Rats are people too!

I have to acknowledge that my first comments are from rats!!!! How cool is that! These are not just any rats either, they are incredibly intelligent rats with PHD's!! Or their human has one, which means they do too since I am sure there was alot of combined discussions, study time, and paper shredding, um I mean writing.

Anyhow, my human, the fragile thing that she is, used to have pet rats too! This was before I came to live with her. But she talks about them all the time, Fez, Neo, Francis, Jack and DunDun. She loved them very much.


Anonymous said...


De Kolohe Boyz, Maka en Nuku

Rattie said...

Ahhhh, what a cute rat!

Our human often tells us how grateful she is for all our help (especially the emotional support) we provided while she worked on her PhD. She was pretty cranky at times, but we still gave her a furry shoulder to cry on, when she needed it.

The Rat Crew